Our membership process is fully self-selecting. That is to say that it is your choice as to whether you move into Nyland, not ours. While there are many wonderful benefits of living at Nyland, there are also many responsibilities. It is important to realize that there is a significant time and emotional commitment associated with participating in Nyland community life.  We treat renters the same as owners when it comes to benefits and responsibilities.

To help you decide if you would enjoy living at Nyland, we ask that you thoroughly familiarize yourself with the information on this website, especially the section titled "Is Nyland Right for You?” It is also highly recommended that you get to know Nyland and many of the people that live here by joining in on a land workday, helping to cook a meal, attending a business meeting or staying in our guestrooms. Feel free to contact us via email to arrange a time to visit.

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