Natter Use

If 3 or more Natter users send an email to the Natter moderator at: with complaints of violating the acceptable use policy, the moderator may choose to moderate the sender of the violation.  If inappropriate conversation continues beyond what is reasonable to moderate at the individual level, the moderator may choose to moderate the Natter itself.  Individual and Natter-wide moderation would be used for a “cooling down” period of 24 hours.  If an individual has to be moderated more than twice, they will be not be able to post to the Natter for one month (3 strikes rule).  They may rejoin thereafter.  Upon moderation, those being moderated will be notified by moderator and referred to community agreements including conflict resolution process and the third-siders.  

The above proposal is a step in the process of moving in the direction where more technological subtlety is allowed. Our current email service is not capable of discussion thread level moderation - only individual & group level moderation.  In other words, we can’t mute a topic. 

For now, this simple approach can deter the very extreme -and unusual- Natter behavior which prompted this proposal and impacted Natter members who follow Nettiquette. 

* Moderation simply means that each email will need to be approved by the website moderator before it is sent to the group.  During moderation, only inappropriate emails will be blocked. 

* All email groups’ moderators can be reached at <listname>- (such as

* Natter-moderators are currently Coy C, Jim E & Duke C, who also administrate and care for all email groups and the website. 

(passed Oct 13, 2015)