The following is what we consider to be the minimum expectations of community members whether they are an owner or a renter. Each of these responsibilities comes with the rewards of creating connection with other community members and making Nyland a better place to live.

Identify yourself as a community member.  Self-selection is the only way we have found to let people join our community.  There are no interviews and no selection committees. If you choose to live here, it is expected that you will participate in community affairs in a way that works for you and fulfills the expectations of our agreements.

Abide by our Agreements. Part of living at Nyland is living by the agreements we make together. Instead of having an overly strict set of convenants, we gather to discuss problems and look for the best solutions. We then turn those solutions into agreements that we all abide by. One of our fundamental agreements is to talk with each other directly about any issues we have. In the standard neighborhood, you might call the community enforcement officer, the HOA president, or even the police if a neighbor, whom you probably have never met, has a barking dog, a loud party, or an untidy lawn. But at Nyland we know our neighbors and we care about their well being. So a simple conversation is often all it takes. If that does not work, we have skilled facilitators that can help settle a dispute or work with the community to come to an agreement.

Participate in two land workdays per year. These workdays focus on maintaining the land around Nyland and usually last from 9:00 to 1:00 on specific Saturdays or Sundays throughout the spring, summer, and fall.

Participate in two kitchen-cleaning days per year. These workdays focus on keeping our community kitchen in good working order. They usually last from 9:00 to 12:00 on designated Saturdays and Sundays through the year.

Participate in a Community Action Group. These CAG's maintain all the different aspects of life at Nyland from upkeep of our land, to managing our common house, to dealing with conflict resolution. The amount of time varies from a few hours a month to many hours a week, depending on the seasonal nature of the work and available time of the involved individuals.

Follow our Aproval Process. Since we all live together as part of a community, changes we propose to make that can affect others must first gain approval through Nyland's Approval Process. Whether you want to add a deck to the back of your house, upgrade the playground area, put in speed bumps, or make a change to one of our agreements, it is important that everyone who might be affected by your actions be informed about your proposal and be afforded the chance to give quality feedback.

Follow our Conflict Resolution processes. One aspect of living in a community is being willing to work with others to find solutions everyone can live with.