Is Nyland Right for You?

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Living in cohousing, and specifically at Nyland, is not for everyone. While we love it here, we realize it may be hard to know if you will too. We hope the following will help you in your decision.

The first thing to consider is whether you would enjoy Cohousing. The national cohousing website has a great article you might find helpful titled "Is Cohousing Right For You?"

The author of the above article, Charles Bernard Maclean PhD, has also created a 40 factor self-assessment questionnaire titled "Will You Survive And Thrive In Cohousing." Below is a sneak preview of the types of issues he will help you think through.

1) I make decisions based on the sustainability of the community and I am willing to let go of some short-term personal preferences for the long-term best interests of the community as a whole.

2) I look for things to celebrate and people to acknowledge.

3) I hold myself accountable for cleaning up my messes when I make promises and break them.

4) I am basically a happy person.

5) I am able to remain "civil" when disagreeing and recognize that on some issues in cohousing it is necessary to agree to disagree.

The next thing to consider is whether you would thrive at Nyland.  If the statements below describe you and the kind of neighbors you would like to have, then you will most likely enjoy living at Nyland.

1) I would like to live in an environmentally conscious neighborhood where people xeriscape, compost, recycle and use organic lawn & garden techniques.

2) I have time to spend 5 to 15 hours per month participating in community activities such as land work days, cooking community meals, and being part of a sustainment group. 

3) I would enjoy living in a more rural setting just outside of town.

4) I would be at ease having the community discuss and approve any changes I would like to make to the exterior of my home or private lot.

5) I enjoy seeing my neighbors as I come and go, continually meeting new people and putting energy into growing my relationships.

6) I believe in taking full responsibility for the issues my pets, my dogs, my children, and my personal actions may cause others.

7) I enjoy community gatherings such as holiday brunches, movie nights, volleyball games, sharing circles, etc. I am willing to pitch-in and help make these activities happen.

8) I work through conflicts in a constructive manner.