HOA Dues

Nyland's HOA dues are calculated based on the annual budget for operating expenses, for projected costs for reserves for replacement, and for funding capital improvement accounts and contingency accounts.

Operating expenses include such things as property & liability insurance for common community property as well as individual units; bus passes; repair, maintenance and utilities for common buildings; repair and maintenance of grounds and grounds equipment; community development; taxes; accounting and bookkeeping; etc.

The reserve for replacement portion of the budget includes such things as replacement of roofs on all buildings, exterior painting of all buildings, replacement of grounds and kitchen equipment, replacement of asphalt and concrete, etc.

In 2006 the budget for operating expenses was about 59% ($70,200) of the entire budget, reserve for replacement represented nearly 37% ($43,200) of the overall budget, and 4% of the budget ($4,400) went to funding capital improvement and contingency accounts. As a community we provide much of the labor to maintain and manage our property instead of hiring outside help or a management company. This enables us to keep our dues lower than a managed property of similar size, as well as providing an opportunity for building the sense of community which Nyland is all about.

The dues are calculated based on two factors. The portion of the operating budget (about half) that is used for common expenses is divided equally between the 42 households. The remaining portion is divided based on the total square footage of your house. The total dues per household in 2008 ranged between $204 and $342 per month.

For the sake of comparison, a person living in a standard neighborhood would not pay HOA dues but instead would pay home owner's insurance, to repaint the exterior of their home and to re-shingle their roof. They would also not have access to a large common house, a wood shop, a community garden, and 40 acres of private land.