Nyland Dog Agreement - Jan 2007

By law, all Nylanders are subject to the laws of the City of Lafayette. In regards to dogs, these laws are summarized as:

Animal Complaints: Report any problems relating to domestic animals or pets to the Lafayette Police Department Community Service Officer at 303-665-5571. The minimum fine for first violations is $100 and the second violation is $200. With the exception that fines for first violation of vicious animals is a minimum fine $500 and second violation is $750.

Animal Licenses: Dogs must be licensed each year. Owners must present proof of rabies vaccination at the Finance Counter at City Hall (1290 S. Public Rd) to obtain a license.

Running at Large Prohibited: Lafayette requires that dogs be leashed when not on the owner's premises. The City strictly enforces dogs-at-large violations.  (According to the Lafayette Police department, Nyland’s common areas are not “owner premises” as stated in Article I, Section 25-2: “For the purpose of this definition, the “premises of the owner” shall not include common areas of condominiums, townhouses, and apartment buildings.”)

Pooper-Scooper Law: Lafayette prohibits any person from failing to remove droppings of their dogs on any public grounds, city parks, or any private property without the consent of the owner, save for property designated for such purpose.

Vicious Animal Law: It shall be unlawful for any person to own, keep, possess, harbor or maintain any vicious animal within the city, unless said animal is properly confined. Vicious animal shall mean any animal that, without provocation, bites or attacks a person or other animal; approaches any person or other animal with vicious or terrorizing behavior or an apparent attitude of attack or in a menacing manner; or has acted in a manner that causes or should cause its owner, possessor or keeper to know that the animal is potentially vicious.

In the Name of Community, Nyland has the ability to make agreements that create flexibility, increase our sense of community and help work through conflicts before taking legal action.

1) We agree we will not allow pets in Nyland’s common house. Pets in the shop, greenhouse or community garden will be on a leash.

2)  We agree we will not allow pets on other’s private property without the property owner’s consent.

3)  We agree we will take full responsibility for our pets, their waste, their noise and any other problems or concerns they may cause.

4)  We agree that any pet bite will be reported immediately by pet owner to the Nyland community with both an email and a hardcopy in cubbies.  Injured party may also inform the community.

5)  Regarding the “Running at Large” law [above], we agree to be considerate of others who are not comfortable being approached by dogs and will put our dog(s) on-leash immediately.  If dogs are outside they must be fenced or under the supervision of their owner.

6) When a conflict arises, we encourage the following:

Step 1) Talk with the other party directly.
Step 2) Use Nyland’s Conflict Resolution Process as explained on Nyland’s website.
Step 3) If a person feels the conflict has not been sufficiently resolved and a law is being violated, he or she should contact the Lafayette Police Department Community Service Officer.

(Notes: Those that would like a fenced-in dog run/park may present a proposal to the community. Those that would like a registry of dogs’ status and community members feelings about dogs are encouraged to create one. A complete list of Lafayette’s Animal Ordinances can be found on the City of Lafayette’s website under the Government Municode section.)