Nyland is made up of 42 privately-owned townhouses that all belong to the Nyland Home Owners' Association (HOA). The houses range in size from 1500sf to 3000sf and are either stand-alone or part of a duplex or triplex. When you buy a house at Nyland, you own the house along with the land underneath and around it. You also own a 1/42nd share of commonly owned buildings and land. This includes the Common House, the wood shop, and 42 acres of land.

The houses were designed to be energy efficient and environmentally friendly with features that have since become mainstream such as extra insulation, passive solar windows, whole-house filters and sustainable building supplies. For this reason, our gas and electric bills often run about 1/3rd of that of the average American home of the same size.

One noticeable feature of our houses is that they face directly south so that we can harvest the sun's energy through passive solar windows and solar panels on our roofs. In 2007, over half the houses put solar panels on their roofs.

Most yards are Xeriscaped to reduce the usage of water.

Pedway Arial View